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Q. Do you do small jobs?

A. Yes! We love to do small jobs. Often, a customer with a small job will be so pleased with the quality of our work and professionalism that they will use us in the future for a bigger project or refer us to a friend. Our philosophy is that once we do a small job for you, we will be your painter for life.

Q. Do you sell Paint?

A. No we do not sell paint, We have a page on PAINT WE USE. We are not a Paint Store, we are a Painting Contractor.

Q. Do you provide after hours painting service?

A. Our services include weekends and night work to accommodate those businesses that cannot have painting done during regular business hours example retail services, offices, factories, etc.

Q. Are you Fully Insured and Covered.

A. Yes we are fully insured and covered. Although we have always taken extreme caution to protect your home or property and it's valuables from damage, you can rest assured that in the unfortunate event of an accident, you will be completely protected from any loss.

Q. Do you supply the paint, to paint my House / Apartment/Office.

A. Yes in our PAINTING QUOTE to you, we can include PAINT COSTS,

Q. Can I supply my own PAINT

A. Yes, however we suggest you use only quality PAINTS. See our PAINT WE USE. page

Q. what is the process of painting the exterior my house/office?

A. The first thing that is done to the house is pressure washing if required. The house is completely washed and treated to remove all mildew and residue in order to assure proper product adhesion. After the house fully dries, the house is scraped, sanded, caulked and prepped as needed. Once the prep is complete the painting actually begins. see our INTERIOR / EXTERIOR. page

Q. Will you spray the house?

A. Only if it cannot be brushed or rolled

Q. When do I need to know my colors and where should I go to find them?

A. It is very beneficial to both you the customer and the company if you are able to get the colors as soon as possible. It is pertinent that the colors have been chosen by the time the first crew arrives on the job site. We are more than happy to help answer any questions about the color schemes as well as anything about the products being used.

Q. How long will it take to paint my house?

A. As each job varies in size, number of colors, and condition of house it is hard to give an exact time. We promise to do the best and most efficient work possible depending upon the situation. There are always variables that can change the timing of a job such as weather.

Q. What Causes Mildew on the exterior of my house?

A. The appearance of mildew depends on various conditions, which are:

Continuously high humidity. As the humidity increases, mildew growth becomes more rapid.

High average temperature. Optimum temperature for mildew growth is 77 degrees F.

Poor ventilation. Still air increases mildew growth.

Composition of surface. Mildew will grow on any surface that provides a nutrient, even dirt.

Light colors of paint film. Colors that do not absorb the sun's heat provide a surface for mildew growth. Dark colors become hot and discourage mildew growth.


Wash mildewed areas with a solution of one part household bleach and three parts water.*

This will destroy mildew and bleach stains caused by mildew growth. Apply solution by brush or a garden sprayer apparatus. Heavy mildew may require additional applications, and scrubbing may be required. Flush area with clean water to remove bleach solution.

Allow to dry thoroughly.

N.B. Follow label cautions when using bleach solution.


Spot prime bare areas

Two coats Exterior House and Trim Paint

N.B.If mildew growth is excessively heavy, add additional mildewcide to paint for added protection.

Q. Do you perform carpentry repairs?

A. No but we can recommend a carpenter to perform wood rot replacement or wood trim installation at the customers request, please contact our office for further information

Q. What payment method do you accept?

A. we accept credit cards, cheque, bank transfers and cash

We provide any type of commercial and industrial painting services as well as residential, retail, Interior and Exterior Painting requirements, we are Fully Insured and Certified

Makus Commercial and Industrial Painters, Is Dedicated To Providing A Quality and Professional Service - throughout British Columbia especially in the lower mainland.

Our services include all concepts of Interior and Exterior Painting and preparation, so if you want to paint just one room or several rooms, one office or the entire floor, small building or large building, remove paper from one wall in a retail store or paint a chain of stores, all jobs are considered the

same So if you are looking for experienced Painters, Local Painters, Professional Painters, we are the Professional Painting team, quality professional paint job every-time, fast and efficient, clean and reliable, Guaranteed no mess each and every time.

If your painting project is one of the following, Vancouver Industrial Painting, Vancouver Residential Painting, Vancouver Commercial Painting, Surrey Residential Painting, Langley House Painting, Abbotsford House Painting, Richmond House Painting, we cover all Cities. One bedroom to be painted, or just one room to be painted, small room or large room painting jobs, we are the painters to fulfill all your painting requirments. Painters In Bc.

This website provides you with an opportunity to learn more about our Painting Services We welcome you to contact us by telephone or e-mail to request a FREE ESTIMATE. Your contact person is Damian Judge.

Just some of our services-

Bc Commercial Painting

Bc Industrial Painting

Bc strata Painting

Bc Town-House Painting

Bc High-Rise Painting

Bc Exterior Painting

Bc House Painting

Bc Office Painting

Bc Residential Painting

Bc Retail Store Painting

Bc Fence Painting

After hours Painting

| Professional Painters Vancouver, North Vancouver and Richmond | | Professional Painters in Surrey, Delta and Langley | | Professional Painters in Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam and Port Moody| |Professional Painters in Abbotsford, Chilliwack and Mission| | Professional Painters in British Columbia.

  • Spray Painting.

  • Power washing.

  • Paper removal.

  • Sandblasting

  • Wallpapering.

  • Water and Smoke Damage Repaints.

If you don't see it listed just call us at 1-888-MAKUS. 1888-900-5034

Customer satisfaction is a high priority at MAKUS COMMERCIAL AND INDUSTRIAL PAINTERS, it is the basis of our business. MAKUS COMMERCIAL AND INDUSTRIAL PAINTER does all







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